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Whether you need a few sessions to overcome a trauma, or a five-year programme to achieve your long-term goals, take control of your life today by contacting me for a free strategy session.

07931 391 496

Whether you’re lacking in confidence or struggling to juggle the mounting pressures of everyday life, a personal development coach could be just what you need to help you get back on track.


The best place to start is with a free strategy session, during which we will be able to figure out the best course of action to make sure your reach your true potential and achieve your goals.

Based in the Midlands

Sessions can be held in our countryside retreat, or at another location to suit you, but ideally away from your own home. I’ll help you make the changes you need to become a happier and more successful you.

Send Emma a direct message

With Emma Cross Coaching, you will discover how to analyse your problem areas,
understand your strengths and weaknesses and boost your confidence.